Sosiaalisen median ideakilpailu – keksiikö Kollektiivi ratkaisun?


Löytyisikö Paha Kollektiivilta kieroa ideaa näihin kysymyksiin:

Suggestions for topics include (but are not limited to):

• What are the required changes on working culture in order to implement the new social media tools effectively?
• How to use social media tools to make information more visible within the company?
• What new possibilities does the “wisdom of crowds” thinking give to companies?
• How can we use the tools of social media in training and organizational learning issues?
• Tools of social media and social networking in the company setting
• How to use social media to enhance knowledge management and internal knowledge sharing?

TRIZ ja kesätyöaika käyttöön! Jos tulee ideoita niin linkkaa postaus tänne.


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